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Want More Customers?

We help business owners maximize growth with Ads That Sell and deliver Real Results.

Stop Struggling to Make Your Ads Work..

Let my team of Google Ads Ninja's take over so you can focus on your business!

Introducing, Your Growth Partner

If you’re looking to scale your business into the 7-figures and beyond with hands-free Google Ads, we’ve got the experience and results to make that happen.

Top 1% Google Ads Partner

We're Not Your Typical Agency!

No More Button Clickers -  Work with Expert Strategist, Marketer & Consultant 

No long Term Contracts

We're accountable for earning results every month. If you don't like our work, there's nothing tying you to us.

Not a Typical Agency

Think of us as an extension of your internal marketing department. We work with your team within your systems.

Revenue Driven Results

We don't report vanity metrics. Our focus is earning you real revenue and more of it.


Check Out These Client Results:

Let Me Guess...

You're Done With:

  •  Failed marketing campaigns
  • ​Mediocre agencies that don’t deliver on their word or DIY-ing (and not really knowing what you're doing)
  • ​Constantly feeling like you keep changing your strategy because nothing is working
  • ​​Unstable income that feels like a rollercoaster every month
  • ​​Feeling overwhelmed due to marketing, doubting your intuition, or feeling like a failure
  • ​​​Struggling to keep up with all the iOS and marketing changes (and what USED to work just stopped)
  • ​​Constantly being bogged down by tech issues

What You Need...

Real Results... Fast!

Let our marketing geniuses take away the overwhelm & frustration, so you can focus on your business.

We Position Our Partners for Massive Growth


Here’s what may be included with your package:

  •  Custom Business Strategy: A deep dive into your business to create your custom 360-degree marketing strategy
  • Messaging & Creative Support: Receive custom support, copy and creatives for your account 100% done by us plus personalized messaging support as needed.
  • Day to Day Ads Management: Never touch an ad again. We will monitor and optimize your ads, while keeping you updated on results.
  • Ongoing Marketing Optimization Calls: Continual funnel, messaging, and ad support with ongoing calls to share ways to optimize and reach your specific goals.
  • Audits: To improve results, we audit landing pages, emails, sales pages, and webinars.
  • Funnel Builds: We’ll write copy, design, and build your funnel with emails to support lead generation.
  • Sales Page: We’ll turn your sales page vision into a magnetic page that converts customers and clients with copy, design, and tech.
  • ​Custom Content Plan: 15 pieces of done-for-you social video content per month, with video ideas, captions written, and videos edited. 

All of the above DONE-FOR-YOU so you can focus on your business, while we handle your entire marketing strategy allowing you to get real results.

Expert Google Ads Management & Strategy +

A Whole Lot More!

Custom-Built Strategies Around YOUR Business and Goals

Our Process Includes:

  • Pre-Engagement: Understand your business and goals
  • Research & Historical Evaluation: Examine past performance and competitive landscape
  • Strategy Development: Determine product mix, account structure, and key areas of opportunity
  • ​Implementation: Launch campaigns and collect data
  • Optimization: Continuously refine based on performance

Our Management Includes :

  • Proactive optimization: to lower cost per conversion and locate areas of additional growth
  • Access to an intuitive online dashboard displaying key performance data
  • Regular reporting to uncover trends and report on improvements
  • Dedicated phone & email support
  • Opportunities to test new Google Ads features and betas

We Continuously Refine:

  • All quality score components
  • Keyword/Ad relevance
  • Landing pages & conversion funnel
  • ​Ad Formats & Extensions
  • ​Display Network opportunities
  • ​Performance MAX Campaigns
  • ​Shopping Campaigns
  • ​Search Campaigns
  • ​Bidding Strategy
  • ​Device-Specific optimizations

Stop wasting money on campaigns or creating content that doesn’t produce results…

If you’re looking to scale your business into the 7-figures and beyond with hands-free digital marketing so that you can get back to focusing on your business, we've got the experience & results to make it happen.

Real Results From THE Google Ads Marketing Team

Unparalleled Client Retention & Success! 

We are Google Ads Experts... 

our team is made of marketing ninja's with expertise in copywriting, graphic design, funnel building & direct response marketing. We tie it all together for a top to bottom full marketing strategy. 

Google Search Ads
Capture high intent buyers with our advanced Search strategies. We find the keywords being searched by your BEST prospects and present your offer. 
YouTube Ads
We know the winning strategies to YouTube Ads. With precise targeting and campaigns that nurture prospects from intro - close. Our clients are getting new customers for pennies on the dollar compared to social media ads! 
Display & Re-marketing
Reach + Targeting + "The Message" = Success! We have created the playbook used by the most successful advertisers on the planet to not only reach a massive audience but turn a profit at the same time.
Google Shopping Ads & Performance Max
We can help you sell more products and capture more buyers. Imagine driving a steady flow of buyers to your online store 24/7 and even better, they keep buying from you. Our strategies focus on turning shoppers into loyal returning buyers!

Data Driven Online Marketing

Google Ads Marketing Expert

Google is more than a company, it has become an action. People say, “Google restaurants” to see who’s local, open, rated high…and most importantly…to make a choice.

Your Google Ads need to be carefully designed, intentionally promoted, and targeting specifically to the audience you’re trying to reach.

That is what you get when you partner with me – An Expert Strategist!

Start Winning With Google Ads

When you Google a product or service, you immediately are met with a long-list of page-after-page listings. The closer to the top you are, the more likely customers will see your information and give you a call. However, it’s not just about placement, it’s also about content and audience.

Advertising on Google is a key component of helping businesses compete and win. With my strategies you have a certified Google Ads expert with years of experience making sure my clients are seen, noticed, and given a chance to win.

Don't Get Lost Online

This program is for you if...

  • You want EXPERT GOOGLE ADS MANAGEMENT but do not have the staff to deliver results...
  • You NEED HELP ON CAMPAIGNS and can't take the risk to hire expensive consultants or freelancers that could possibly do more harm...
  • You KNOW your business is capable of so much more if only your ADS WOULD WORK...
  • ​UNDERPERFORMING campaigns are about to cost your sanity or your business...
  • ​Your Google Ads are performing well but you have not been able to SCALE without suffering lower Returns...
  • ​Your competitors are dominating the Google Ads platform and you need to COMPETE AND DOMINATE ONLINE...
  • ​Tired of hiring freelancers that sound great but never deliver the RESULTS YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO REALIZE...

Meet Aaron Paul

With over 20 years of paid advertising experience I have worked with just about every industry there is. 

I started running paid ads (PPC) all the way back in 1999 (which is the stone age in digital marketing!) I relied on PPC & Ads to support my business, then moved to consulting other businesses for well over a decade. I have consulted some of the largest ad agencies in the US. And today my company does "White-Label" Google ads services for over a dozen 8-figure ad agencies.  

Let's Talk...

Hi There, I'm Aaron Paul

If you're anything like me, you probably want your business to continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

Now - this will probably sound strange coming from a "marketing guy"... but the most important thing in terms of business success is NOT marketing.

Yes. You read that correctly. It is NOT marketing... or sales... or anything like that at all.

In the 22 years I've been at this I can tell you with 100% certainty that the single most important thing is the GOODWILL you provide to your market.

The way your market feels about you, about your company, and about your brand.

It's similar to TRUST... but it goes far beyond that.

And that's why I guarantee you'll enjoy this experience... even if you don't want to become a partner. 

Saturate your market with Goodwill.. And everything just works better and smoother PLUS you actually feel good about your marketing!!

We'll bend over backwards to make sure that no matter what, you consider us friends and genuinely know we're in your corner... regardless of whether or not we do business together.




More than 20 years experience in PPC!


Businesses we've consulted


Combined Ad Revenue Managed 

Success starts with strategy!

The Best Google Ads Marketing Team

We pour our hearts into measurable results. From driving qualified traffic, making sure that landing pages are optimized for conversion, or content and messaging that amplify your brand story, we deliver. That’s why over 80% of our clients spend more than $25k/month in AD SPEND. We are ROAS focused and growth minded.

The Industry Leading PPC Marketing Team 

What We Do:

  • We do all the work within the Google Ads. Building, structuring, researching, optimizing & targeting.
  • ​Provide custom-detailed reporting.
  • ​ Bi-weekly account overview meetings & strategy calls.
  • ​Available account manager you can reach by phone, email, chat
  • ​100% in-house PPC team - We act as an extension of your business.
  • ​Full Funnel Consultation. Not just media buyers and button clickers. We dive into your business and provide you decades of experience in growing profitable brands

What We DON'T Do:

  • Never outsourced! Our team is US based and mostly former Google or Microsoft trained reps.
  • ​Zero Hidden Fees - Ever! our pricing is simple and billed monthly.
  • No Long Term Contracts! - If you don't want you work with us you are not tied to us.
  • ​Never do we Charge for additional hours or hidden fee's - our pricing is transparent, simple & Affordable!

    Who do we Partner with?

    Ambitious entrepreneurs looking to make waves in their industry. They know their message, who they want to serve, and how they want to help them. 

    They have a proven offer that has seen results organically, but they are ready to have their offer reach the masses and scale their business.

    They are an entrepreneur at heart and are in this for the long game. They know where they want to go and will NOT let anything stop them from making it happen.

    They are 100% ready to go all in with ads to scale!

    If this is you...

    Partnering With Us is like Having An ENTIRE In-House Marketing Team

    Marketing Manager

    Ads Manager


    Graphic Designer


    Per Year


    Per Year


    Per Year


    Per Year

    That's $235,000 Per YEAR or $19,500 per MONTH

    3-Steps To Partner With Our Team.

    Get 1-1 meeting with Us & discuss if we are the right fit for your business. 


    Schedule your free consultation.


    you'll get a customized marketing plan to meet your goals.


    We'll execute the plan and grow your business!

    A Division of Aaron Paul Marketing LLC

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLOSURE AND OTHER NOTICES: Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise).