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AI Powered Google Ads

Unlock Unmatched Advertising Power:

Our Specialized Ads Machine - You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

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The ONLY Way to Succeed in Today’s Market is to be Constantly AHEAD of the Tech-Curve With a

Dialed-In Strategy.

We've taken it to a new level with machine-learning AI that literally watches for your ideal prospect, then gets an ad in front of them at just the right time, on just the right platform with just the right message.

Work With An In-House Partner That MAXIMIZES Every Marketing Opportunity

Without The High COSTS Or HEADACHES Of Hiring An Entire Team.

Account Strategist

Manages all your bigger picture funnel strategies. From funnel structure to offer positioning to content strategy to your customer journey.

Account Manager

Supports every aspect of your day-to-day ads management. Our unparalleled attention to detail and dedication to catching every money-making opportunity means your account is fully optimized at every stage.

Creative Team

Provides full creative support from copywriting to crafting your creative to coming up with innovative messaging angles and content that deeply resonates with your audience. We turn leads into raving (and buying) fans.

Funnel OPS Team

Goodbye tech-fears and webinar-crash woes! Our pro-team supports, builds, integrates, fixes, and optimizes all your funnels and backend tech.

Meet Aaron Paul

Hi There, I'm Aaron Paul

Let's Talk...

With over 20 years of paid advertising experience I have worked with just about every type of business there is.

I started running paid ads (PPC) all the way back in 1999 (which is the stone age in digital marketing!) I relied on pay-per-click & paid Ads to grow my business, then I moved to consulting other businesses for well over a decade.

I have consulted some of the largest ad agencies in the US. And today my company does "White-Label" Google ads services for over a dozen 8-figure ad agencies.

Anyway, I have been creating winning online Ad campaigns since 1999 - pretty good ones too.

But the real question is.. am I a good fit for you? and that is why I offer a free discovery call and strategy plan for you to keep no matter what.

And also, I have a solid "no high pressure sales" guarantee in my business - we're not that kind of firm..

Here's the deal. If all we had to do was choose some high intent keywords and buy traffic, we'd all be swimming in money!

Obviously, it's not that easy.

You know setting up campaigns and ad groups and figuring out the "magic tool" is difficult and frustrating.

You also know that your business has the potential to grow massively if only the Ads would work..

I know, because I've been there.. I struggled for years to make ads pay for themselves.. Then I figured out everything I was doing was wrong. I was working harder and only getting more and more frustrated - then I figured out the solution.

I have been providing this AI tool to business owners and entrepreneurs for years now on an exclusive agreement and I'd love to open the doors and bring in a few more motivated business owners that are ready to implement and dominate online.

Now, before you request for more information..

let's clear up a few things..

First, this is not expensive. This is NOT a standard agency vendor program.

No hard sales pitch, and no "closers" will be pestering you. We're just not that kind of outfit.

My program is designed to eliminate overwhelm and frustration and align your marketing with your sales process.

So, if all that sounds good and you'd like to learn more.

Just fill out the form below and we'd be delighted to give you a walk-through.



824% Actual ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Roofing Repair Company

$111k in Revenue with $15.5k Ad Spend

RV Supply Store

420% ROAS In First 30 Days!

$1.7k spend brought in $7.4k revenue

Power Washing Service

$43k in Revenue with $8.7k Ad Spend


Now You're Probably Asking...

What Makes My Company The Best Google Ads Team?

Here's How We Stand Out:

No Long-Term Contracts

I Don't believe in holding you hostage, every business deserves freedom to do what's best for them.

Honest Reporting

Transparent reports. We don't report vanity metrics.

Transparent Pricing

Easy to understand management fee with NO hidden charges or hourly billing

You Own YOUR Data

You own everything - Not us! This is really important folks! I see too many agencies that hold accounts hostage and not only restrict access but owner control.

Certified Experts

Real certified experts with VAST real-world experience. Most agencies farm out the work over-seas or hire new graduates.

Complete Access

Retain and control full ownership and access to all accounts and platforms (Analytics, Tag Manager, Funnels, Google Ads.. ETC..

+ My AI Powered Sales & Follow-Up

Customer Machine

If you want internet campaigns that do more than just get clicks, but actually sell more or get more appointments.

You Need A Reliable & Consistent Flow Of New Customers!

Top 1% Google Ads Partner


Automated Sales

& Follow-Up AI Machine

Landing Page & Funnel Creation & Editing

Expert Copywriting & Conversion Optimization

Our system will follow-up with your leads by email, text or drop voicemail.

We will customize a system for your specific business.

Our AI Customer Machine turns leads into customers...FAST!

WE ARE Direct-Response marketers - we create High-Converting pages that are designed to take window shoppers and convert them into buyers.

Well thought out funnels and graphics that stay true to your brand while using expert marketing fundamental strategies.

Tired of sitting at a blank page and wondering what message to use? Tired of using ChatGPT prompts that reads robotic or like every other business in your market?

You need real copywriting at every stage of your funnel. Landing page, email & text follow-up, thank you pages, the list goes on!

Your Entire Customer Acquisition System



The Problem

Unveiling the Facts:

90% of Online Ad Campaigns Fail Due to Flawed
Sales & Follow-Up Processes!

Our Solution

Our Exclusive A.I. Customer Getting Machine That Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Step 1: Capture

Step 2: Cultivate

Step 3: Close

Here's How We Do It

Capture Every Lead

Stop missing out on valuable sales opportunities

by neglecting your lead capturing. Now that your audience is aware of your brand, our system seizes those leads and transforms them into your loyal customers.

Here's How We Do It

Cultivate Every Opportunity

Seamlessly engage with your clientele across a variety of platforms: social media, email, SMS, voicemail, and chat. Our system engages with new leads in mere minutes , assuring your brand stays prominent in their thoughts.

Here's How We Do It

Close Every Sale

Our system allows you to have precise knowledge about the buying stage of each potential client, enabling you to prioritize those on the brink of making a decision. Achieving the power to close more deals.

Apply To Work With The MaxROAS Team!


When You Book Your FREE Demo Call Below, We Will Audit Your Ad Account, Funnel and Sales Follow-up Process On Your Call LIVE.

PLUS Get Onboarding Access to Aaron Paul, 1 on 1, With The Man Himself If You Join Us

If you’re fed up with any of the following from ad agencies:

  • Working with ad agencies
    who send you off to overseas VA's, who speak little to no English, and then assign a media buyer who has no direction or real know-how.

  • Dealing with ad agencies who ONLY
    run your ads and do nothing else. WE help create your offer, landing pages, funnels and edit your ads for you with high converting copy that our internal US based team writes for you.

  • Your ad spend going down the drain
    AND feeling like “it won’t ever work” or “maybe my business isn’t meant to be successful with paid ads”?

  • Lock you in 6+ month contracts, with MASSIVE retainers, WITHOUT seeing results
    and just want your monthly retainer, month after month guaranteed, so they can keep you locked behind into a contract, so they can keep you locked in regardless of results.

Then you simply won’t want to miss this. We will go over your business with you, crush Ads, and help you create your sales & follow-up process to set your business up for success.

Working MaxROAS Is Like Having An Entire Marketing Team In-House

Marketing Manager

To manage all your strategy and marketing direction as well as audit what’s not working consistently.

Ads Manager

To manage your day to day execution and optimization of all your ads.


To write all your funnels and ad copy.

Page Designer

To create all your graphics for your ads and funnels.

Funnel & Tech OPS

To create all your funnel pages, tech setup and automation.


Per Year


Per Year


Per Year


Per Year


Per Year

TOTAL: $300,000 / YEAR & $25,000 / MONTH

This is Really Important Friends..

You Own The Account!

Sketchy PPC agencies won't let you see exactly what they are doing in the Google Ads account, or give you ownership of the account.. This is beyond awful for you!

With us you retain control of the account and we walk you through everything we're doing.

On regularly scheduled meetings we get on google meet, share screens and go over the strategy and results.

We Connect & Track Everything

The advantage of online advertising is that everything can be tracked so you can identify exactly what's performing well and do more of that.

The challenge is making sure you are properly tracking everything when you have multiple marketing channels like paid search, Organic, Social Media, emails and so on.

So, we make sure that everything is being tracked accurately.


Check Out These Client Results:

Client Praise

Let Me Guess...

You're Done With:

  •  Failed marketing campaigns
  • ​Mediocre agencies that don’t deliver on their word or DIY-ing (and not really knowing what you're doing)
  • ​Constantly feeling like you keep changing your strategy because nothing is working
  • ​​Unstable income that feels like a rollercoaster every month
  • ​​Feeling overwhelmed due to marketing, doubting your intuition, or feeling like a failure
  • ​​​Struggling to keep up with all the iOS and marketing changes (and what USED to work just stopped)
  • ​​Constantly being bogged down by tech issues

What You Need... Real Results... Fast!

Let our marketing geniuses take away the overwhelm & frustration, so you can focus on your business.

We Position Our Partners for Massive Growth

This program is for you if...

  • You want EXPERT GOOGLE ADS MANAGEMENT but do not have the staff to deliver results...

  • You NEED HELP ON CAMPAIGNS and can't take the risk to hire expensive consultants or freelancers that could possibly do more harm...

  • You KNOW your business is capable of so much more if only your ADS WOULD WORK...

  • ​UNDERPERFORMING campaigns are about to cost your sanity or your business...

  • ​Your Google Ads are performing well but you have not been able to SCALE without suffering lower Returns...

  • ​Your competitors are dominating the platform and you need to COMPETE AND DOMINATE ONLINE...

  • ​Tired of hiring freelancers that sound great but never deliver the RESULTS YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS...

This Is Everything

Your Business Needs To Succeed

We bring all the things you need to solve your sales problems in one place.


Here’s what may be included with your package:

  •  Custom Business Strategy: A deep dive into your business to create your custom 360-degree marketing strategy
  • Messaging & Creative Support: Receive custom support, copy and creatives for your account 100% done by us plus personalized messaging support as needed.
  • Day to Day Ads Management: Never touch an ad again. We will monitor and optimize your ads, while keeping you updated on results.
  • Ongoing Marketing Optimization Calls: Continual funnel, messaging, and ad support with ongoing calls to share ways to optimize and reach your specific goals.
  • Audits: To improve results, we audit landing pages, emails, sales pages, and webinars.
  • Funnel Builds: We’ll write copy, design, and build your funnel with emails to support lead generation.
  • Sales Page: We’ll turn your sales page vision into a magnetic page that converts customers and clients with copy, design, and tech.
  • ​Custom Content Plan: 15 pieces of done-for-you social video content per month, with video ideas, captions written, and videos edited. 

All of the above DONE-FOR-YOU so you can focus on your business, while we handle your entire marketing strategy allowing you to get real results.

The MaxROAS Signature Process

Expert Google Ads Management +A Whole Lot More!

Custom-Built Strategies Around YOUR business and Goals

Our Process Includes:

  • Strategy: Understand your business and goals

  • Research & Historical Evaluation: Examine past performance and competitive landscape

  • Marketing Plan: account structure, and areas of opportunity

  • ​Implementation: Launch campaigns and collect data

  • Optimization: Continuously refine based on performance

Our Management Includes :

  • Proactive optimization: to lower cost per conversion and locate areas of additional growth
  • Access to an intuitive online dashboard displaying key performance data
  • Regular reporting to uncover trends and report on improvements
  • Dedicated phone & email support
  • Opportunities to test new Google Ads features and betas

We Continuously Refine:

  • All quality score components

  • Keyword/Ad relevance

  • Landing pages & conversion funnel

  • ​Ad Formats & Extensions

  • ​Display Network opportunities

  • ​Performance MAX Campaigns

  • ​Shopping Campaigns

  • ​Search Campaigns

  • ​Bidding Strategy

  • ​Device-Specific optimizations

Google Ads Is

More Than Keyword Search!

Google Ads is NOT just search!

Sure, that's usually the first thing mot people think about when they hear "AdWords" or "Google Ads Campaign" but it's far more.

Google Ads also includes YouTube, Display and Google Shopping and combined these platforms literally represent 98% or more of the internet.

So when you think Google - it's not just search it's THE INTERNET!


Data Driven Online Marketing

Google Ads Marketing Expert

Google is more than a company, it has become an action. People say, “Google restaurants” to see who’s local, open, rated high…and most importantly…to make a choice.

Your Google Ads need to be carefully designed, intentionally promoted, and targeting specifically to the audience you’re trying to reach.

That is what you get when you partner with me – An Expert Strategist!

Start Winning With Google Ads

When you Google a product or service, you immediately are met with a long-list of page-after-page listings. The closer to the top you are, the more likely customers will see your information and give you a call. However, it’s not just about placement, it’s also about content and audience.

Advertising on Google is a key component of helping businesses compete and win. With my strategies you have a certified Google Ads expert with years of experience making sure my clients are seen, noticed, and given a chance to win.

Don't Get Lost Online

The Best Google Ads

Marketing Team On The Planet

What We Do:

  • We handle it all in Google Ads: building, structuring, researching, optimizing, and targeting. With custom-detailed reporting.

  • Bi-weekly account overview meetings & strategy calls with your dedicated account manager.

  • ​100% in-house PPC team - We act as an extension of your business. Never outsourcing overseas.

What We DON'T Do:

  • Never outsourced! Our team is in-house and mostly former Google or Microsoft trained reps.

  • ​Zero Hidden Fees - Ever! our pricing is simple and transparent.

  • No Long Term Contracts! - If you don't want to work with us you are not tied to us.

  • Never Disappear Leaving You in The Dark! Your dedicated account manager checks in weekly.

Get Your Full Funnel Exclusive Consultation

Who do we Partner with?

Ambitious entrepreneurs looking to make waves in their industry. They know their message, who they want to serve, and how they want to help them. 

They have a proven offer that has seen results organically, but they are ready to have their offer reach the masses and scale their business.

They are an entrepreneur at heart and are in this for the long game. They know where they want to go and will NOT let anything stop them from making it happen.

They are 100% ready to go all in with ads to scale!

If this is you...


To Partner With Us.


Schedule your free account walk-through & get your strategy plan.


you'll get a customized marketing plan to meet your goals.


We'll execute the plan and grow your business!

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